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The Meri Saathi (My Friend) hotline, run by Marie Stopes International, offers advice on sexual health and reproductive rights to callers in Nepal, where only 38 percent of women are aware that abortion is Kathmandu is a tiny room staffed with seven smiling women wearing headphones.This issue is especially rampant throughout Nepal, where trafficking increased significantly after the earthquake struck in late April 2015."A lot of single American women go to Nepal looking for romance.It's been going on forever," says Richard Bangs, a founder of the adventure travel company Mountain Travel Sobek in El Cerrito.90% of the profits go into a savings account for the women for a future small business enterprise, and the other 10% is given to the women for immediate compensation.“We’re trying to give women an opportunity first and foremost to be healed by the transforming power of Jesus,” VBB’s Dyann Romeijn says.Check out the full reviews or, if you are the impatient sort, skip ahead to our conclusions: Life on centers around people’s one-page profile.They also have some old-school scenes from the 70s, and 80s if you’re into that.You’re watching a movie or TV show with your family when out of the blue, there it is—the dreaded sex scene.

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She’ll get really tense and then she’ll start her spiel: “Teenagers shouldn’t be dating because it’s important to focus on your education and to be independent and—” blah, blah, blah.

He had sent her 23 messages a day, having no clue if the girl was interested at all in marrying him.

As counselors for the Meri Saathi helpline, midwife Hima Mishra and her team field hundreds of calls a day from people with questions about sex, pregnancy and abortion, helping to shed light on reproductive health rights in Nepal.

They’ve trusted people who they thought were going to give them good jobs, and instead turned out that they held them hostage and used them in sex jobs.

"I was working on my dissertation in divinity at the University of Chicago, and he was a yak herder with a fourth-grade education," she says."But on the way down, I got this incredible rush of oxygen.