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If you are, you are also aware that exporting and importing all of those files is going to be painful if you have more than a handful of classes or modules. Type) End If Next End Sub Private Function To File Extension(vbe Component Type As vbext_Component Type) As String Select Case vbe Component Type Case vbext_Component Type.vbext_ct_Class Module To File Extension = ".cls" Case vbext_Component Type.vbext_ct_Std Module To File Extension = ".bas" Case vbext_Component Type.vbext_ct_MSForm To File Extension = ".frm" Case vbext_Component Type.vbext_ct_Active XDesigner Case vbext_Component Type.vbext_ct_Document Case Else To File Extension = vb Null String End Select End Function the code behinds of Forms, Worksheets, and the “This Workbook” class back in. We just need to add a few lines to the .gitignore file.

We should be keeping our *and *files in a repository though. You may be aware that you can export and import files into a VBA Project.

Public Sub Export Source Files(dest Path As String) Dim component As VBComponent For Each component In Application. Just type the name of the sub into the window (intellisense works here) and supply it a file path to export to. Now you can use this directory to set up a new Git Repository. The important thing to note here is that we want to remove the Dev module that contains the code for importing and exporting our other code. Again, this is called from the Immediate Window and needs to be supplied the path to your local repo. Hopefully now that it’s easy to get your code into and out of your repository, you’ll be more likely to use source control and code like a pro.

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Our site was configured as a Web Application Project, which means that all its code-behind was compiled to a single . At the same time, we wanted the new MVC pages we developed to be as tightly integrated as possible with the existing site, so we wanted to avoid a multi-project solution where each new MVC controller required its own new child project under the main application.One will be used to show the form, and the other method will be used to count how many times the form was shown. Make sure that your class' access modifier is Public.Being public means that we can expose all our stuff to any external caller.As a nice addition, OCX Updater also saves all the settings you made between program launches.We and the customers of our Active X components, such as the i Grid Active X Grid Control, use this utility to update our projects when the new versions of the control come out.