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When the Designated Agent receives a valid notice, the SITE will expeditiously disable access to the infringing material and shall attempt to notify the user responsible for providing the content.If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the Website.If you are seeing an error page displaying "page not found" on your phone screen , Just scroll up, click on *list of completed stories* and start over the story once again. At around 6 in the evening, a knock announced he was here. Dele, you look so good,” I said, before wrapping my hands around him in a tight hug. I led him straight to the bedroom and we were lying on my bed as he spent the next hour regaling me with tales of what he had been up to. Dele was barely 27 and I wondered if he was not too young to be married. I maintained my position until he gave up, wrapping his hands around my waist. He was going to arrive on Friday and come over to my place on Saturday to return on Sunday. All day that Saturday, I anxiously awaited his arrival. He chuckled, hugging me back, “So do you babe,” he said. I am just glad to see you.” I got up and laid on top of him. For a brief moment, he tried to push me back on the bed and I guess it was to straddle me but I was having none of that.“Actually, Lola, there was something I wanted to tell you,” he said in a serious tone. ” “I’m getting married next month.” I was speechless and he went ahead to tell me all about a young church girl he met six months ago and how they were tying the knot in a few weeks. Plus, he had not really sown his oats, so to speak. I reached down with my hand and traced the outline of his erection through his trousers.

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Although, he did not live in Lagos, he would come to visit every once in a while and we actually had a good time together. He preferred the traditional woman on top, d--k-in-p---y s-x. He would not go down or even let me go down on him. He just preferred to get to business as soon as our clothes came off and I did not bring it up. I took what he offered whenever we could and we said our goodbyes afterwards.

I suspected his upcoming nuptials will bring an end to our sexual arrangement and I decided to make the best of this last weekend. His d--k was getting harder and harder, straining against his trousers. I put my hand inside his boxers and grabbed his naked c--k. He sat up in attempt to undress me but with a smile, I gently pushed him back to lay down.

Curiously, he watched me as I sat between his legs and kept on rubbing his d--k.

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