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There are photographers who can use layers of textures and make it absolutely beautiful and then there's 18 year old me googling "old vintage paper" textures thinking I'm an innovator, haha. I just never wanted to stop and I'm very glad I didn't. See, almost 10 years after I got into photography did I find my own personal style. These make me happy but they are also hard to look at, haha. I put myself out there in a city I was a newcomer in. I still had a day job, this was HARDLY paying my bills.One Style is Homepage With Sidebar Style (Modern Grid 2nd Style) Which is the default ( Available in Free Version) and another one is Modern Blog Style Without Sidebar which is available in Premium Version only.I have been thinking a lot about writing this post and what it would mean for my life.I went into fertility treatments in 2014 like nobody’s business and fought hard. No one wants to keep hearing about failures because they start thinking about their journey and if it can’t happen for her why would it happen for me?I dedicated my life to making videos and blog posts while going through this journey to help keep me sane and to help other women in this mainly cash only business that sucks the life out of you (yes, I say business because that’s what it is). The pressure I felt the start at each cycle was unreal.

Late 2015 was when I got laid off of my 9-5 office job and started freelancing photography full time.This was also when we began the shop which has now become my full time gig as well.It was a crazy year but I've never hustled so much for photo work in my entire life.Introducing Modern Grid, A Most User friendly clean and minimal Responsive Blog theme to satisfy all your blogging needs for bloggers. For complete details about how to setup and install the theme, check out our Modern Grid Blogger Installation Guide.Our Easy to use Blogger Template Customizer and Custom Theme Options panel to setup your blog & giving you the power to customize your blog without changing any code.