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“The people at this party, they have it pretty good. “And wanted to test out an open relationship,” she says, “so I interviewed girls who could possibly date my boyfriend.” Despite using the super-sketchy venue of Craigslist, Glaser reports that “They were all cool chicks!Superstar DJ Carl Cox sent the new Dance Tent wild, with tunes such as Hardfloor’s acid techno remix of Mory Kanté s Yeké Yeké. Van Morrison, 1987 Glastonbury 1987 is mostly remembered for the Mutoid Waste Company’s Car Henge sculptures, a taste of things to come, but Van Morrison soothed a weather-beaten Sunday night with a lush set climaxing in the Beatnik soul of Rave On John Donne. Roy Ayers, 1993 LA’s jazz-funk vibraphone don brought the California weather with him in 1993 and celebrated the fact in ecstatic style with a crowd-moving, extended version of his 1976 signature song, Everybody Loves The Sunshine. James Blake, 2011 The Park saw a mass exodus after a reformed Pulp played but those who stayed, high above the site as the warm evening sun lowered, were in for a gentler, more absorbing time, a massage by bass frequencies from the dubstep troubadour. The Wombles, 2011 Eavis disapproved but this comedy turn on the Avalon pulled the festival’s biggest crowd in that slot.With Wellington on guitar, Madam Cholet on bass, Bungo on drums, nostalgia in the air and solid Beatles pastiche songs, they couldn’t fail. Alabama 3, 2008 Some regulars make sense at Glastonbury in a way they don’t outside it.I ended up picking one, and he’s going to go on a date with her.” Glaser’s gleeful sex riffing is a trait she shares with close friend Amy Schumer, with whom she performed in the 2013 standup special “Women Who Kill.” Both have been called “sex comics,” a label Glaser says Schumer nailed with her comment that “When a guy comic takes his d–k out, people will say, ‘He’s a thinker.’” Glaser says the “Trainwreck” star has always been a helpful foil when it comes to dating.“I would have a crush on some comedian in our circle, and she would say, ‘Ew. You’re not allowed.’ She would start bombarding me with the worst pictures of him she could find.” If either was trying to get over a guy, she says, “the other person would just find images of them where they looked disgusting.