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For one, when they researched Corllins University, the private university where Robertson said she got her master's and doctorate degrees years ago, the website didn't work.

They found no evidence that it was an accredited university. Robertson felt it was in the best interest of the district to resign her position," Pittsburg Community Schools announced in a statement.

All 12 received Overland Park Municipal Court citations for the misdemeanor charges.

In the case involving Miller and Dailey, detectives allegedly found three women with them in Independence.

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"Everybody kept telling them, 'stop poking your nose where it doesn't belong,' newspaper adviser Emily Smith told the Post.

“For most of our trafficking victims this is kind of where we're going to start,” says Jamie Manzer, as she gives a tour of the SASA (Spouse Abuse Sexual Assault) Crisis Center, where she worked until recently.

SASA helps survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

“I definitely assume everyone is a Republican,” Becky, a 26-year-old elementary school teacher and Democrat who dates all political persuasions, told me.

“I can’t limit my options here; I don’t have so many.” She’s not kidding.