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But if two people really wanted to be together, they could be, with or without the change of a relationship status on Facebook.

And it's not like a title would keep someone from sleeping with other people anyway.

In fact, most of the online dating sites were free.What this shows is that there are a lot of young adults living in London.I don’t know exactly how many of these people are single but my guess is that the dating pool of unattached singletons should be vast. A couple of years ago I read a fantastic book called The Paradox Of Choice, which argues that excessive choice can paralyse our ability to make decisions and leave us less satisfied with the choices we do make.I recently read an article called, “6 reasons why Tinder has failed us,” and it enlightened me to this idea of “the paradox of choice.”That term, essentially, is this concept that having too many options is leaving us with no options at all. We are the result of failed marriages and broken homes, so it should come as to no surprise that we created this culture of casual sex and almost-relationships. It's scary to think that as a child, I wanted nothing more than to become a submissive wife and mother, only to grow up 10 years later warding off any notions of marriage or a family.This idea intrigued me because, as someone who has only started dating a little over a year ago, all I know is the hook-up culture. Although I had my grandparents as role models that you actually can marry your first love, I had everyone else – including my own parents – prove otherwise.