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By the way, if you guess the person who inspired me to take “Harris” as a surname and write his name in the comments below, I send you a free copy of my book 3 Steps to Sex. Double Your Dating e Book (it costs .97 and you can test if for free) is a scam, tell their readers to check out an alternative that costs at least .What a surprise.​So, just because David De Angelo was born with the kind of unsexy name Eben Pagan, doesn’t mean that he is a liar and just because some dodgy website tells you to check out an e Book that’s more than three times as expensive than “” doesn’t mean that they are telling you the truth.They know and use the words and phrases that ring truest and “speak” to them about the problem or desire. Obviously, it’s totally impractical; you’re not going to hire one of your customers or leads to write your sales copy. In the lead of this article, you saw the mention of indispensable copywriting tools. The answer is: “As good as you possibly can.” A so-so writer who knows their customer well will always get better results with their sales copy than a rock star writer who has an incomplete or assumed understanding of the customer.They are the authors of the conversation they are having in their mind, about their problem and your solution. The most indispensable of these tools is knowing your customer. When you can truly get inside the customer’s head and their heart, you will write the kind of copy that they will read all the way through because it speaks to them about their problem/desire and your solution in the same way they “speak” to themselves about these things. When you fail to get inside the customer’s head, you end up writing the same kind of “hype-y,” come-on, sales pitch copy that they’ve seen over and over—the kind that makes them hit “delete” key or crumple it up and shoot a three-pointer into the wastebasket.about a product that has been around since the emergence of the seduction community. And yet, it has sold millions of copies all over the world and has more lovers and haters than any other dating product I know. But just because an Indie band gets famous, doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to it anymore. And yet, you can find one article after another that calls the Double Your Dating e Book the biggest scam since the invention of the mortgage.

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If you want to sell Tupperware, get a homemaker who uses the containers to write the copy.I hadn’t touched it for five years and the last time I read it, I was at a point of my life where I didn’t know how to look at women, let alone how to talk to them.I was a bloody beginner and this book gave me a foundation that I could build upon.I don’t even remember when I stumbled upon Double Your Dating for the first time. The first pick up book that I ever read was During this time everyone was reading The Game. David De Angelo’s book, however, was like the New Testament.It was for all those people who wanted to read about more than Neil Strauss’ insecurities and Mystery’s mental breakdowns. It was the Holy Grail for absolute beginners who didn’t know the difference between a direct and an indirect opener. More than 15 years after its release, the Double Your Dating e Book is still for newbie seducers. And that’s why I was really excited when David contacted me last year and asked me if I wanted to offer his e Book to my readers and maybe write a review. Once I downloaded the e Book and all the bonus e Books I only had two thoughts in mind:​To be honest, it felt a bit weird to read the book again.